Adoption of the monument

The monument is adopted annually by group 7 of one of the primary schools in the municipality of Dronten. These pupils take on the care of the monument for a year.

The transfer takes place during a meeting at which representatives of the groups 7 are present. During the meeting, there is a conversation with the mayor. In addition, Tjerk Zwanenburg tells about the experiences of his father Gerrit Zwanenburg. Gerrit Zwanenburg was a former salvage officer and salvaged many aircraft during the reclamation of the polder. He found many materials and Tjerk tells an impressive story based on those materials. Gert Talens was present to share the story of William Kitchen with those present. Of course, there was time to clean the monument.








The children maintain the monument and surrounding area, ensuring that everything looks clean and tidy on May 4th.