Since 2006 there is a permanent exposition about the Airgunners in a room in De Meerpaal in Dronten. In this way Dronten wants to commemorate the killed airmen in respect. With this, the story of the Airgunners will be preserved for the future. The exposition shows gifts that were donated by the Airgunners to the municipality of Dronten since 1975. This as a thank you for the hospitality the Airgunners experienced in Dronten. The exhibition consists of photographs, paintings, sculptures, glassware, pennants, shields and much more.

The Airgunnersroom can be visited on request. You can contact for this.



On May 14, 2012 a convenant was signed with “Stichting De Meerpaal” regarding the decoration and use of the ”Atrium”.       





The official opening of the “Airgunnersroom” took place on the 21st of March 2013. Present at this event were, among others:

  • the Mayor and the Aldermen;
  • Mr. G. Zwanenburg, retired salvage officer of the Royal Netherlands Air Force,
  • Mr. R. Kuiper, retired farmer of the "Rijksdienst IJsselmeerPolders". 


You can enter the "Online" exposition by clicking on the below Standard.