Crashpole route for military aircraft updated

Stichting 4 Mei Herdenking Dronten has updated the 'crash pole route' with new information about crashed military aircraft. The route now consists of 19 memorial poles, or crash poles. Mayor Gebben opened the route on April 30. This happened in a small group, there was no public present at the opening because of the coronation measures.

Along this route there are crash poles that indicate where in the Second World War military planes crashed into the former IJsselmeer. As a result of new insights, information on the boards has been adjusted, new poles have been placed, poles have been moved or poles removed. To make the right choices, Ivo de Jong (chairman of the Study Group Air War 1939-1945) was asked for advice by the municipality of Dronten. From the Foundation 4 May Commemoration Dronten, Tjerk Zwanenburg, son of Gerrit Zwanenburg, former salvage officer of the Royal Air Force who passed away, has been asked to cooperate with De Jong.

The signs at the crash posts will briefly state what happened. This information can also be found on the website of the foundation. Foundation 4 May Commemoration Dronten hopes that by updating the route of the crash piles, uniformity will be created in presenting the available information. Chairman of the 4th of May Remembrance Foundation Dronten, Jolanda van Til, thinks that this is a worthy continuation of the initiative which was taken in 2011.

New method
Foundation 4 May Commemoration Dronten has a new method to deal with new obtained information. When new information is received it will be placed in a category based on the accuracy of the existing text or the nuance thereof. Category one, involves an error in grades and/or names, this is adjusted on the appropriate board after checking. Category two involves other insights, such as the exact crash location. Again, the information is checked and then adjusted on the site. If these new insights eventually lead to irrefutable evidence, making it necessary to adjust the information on the board, this will be done. Errors in the third category, where it concerns disagreements about the layout of the signs, will be recorded in the database of Foundation 4 May Commemoration Dronten. Should the sign in question ever be adjusted, this information (if necessary) will be included.

Mayor Gebben of the Municipality of Dronten, representatives of the board of the 4th of May Remembrance Foundation, Ivo de Jong and Tjerk Zwanenburg were present at the opening. More information about the crash pole route can be found on this site at 'crash route'.

Pictures of the opening can be viewed HERE.

The update was made possible by the municipality of Dronten, Hazo and Protief.