Foundation 'Broken Wings'
This Foundation organizes the remembrance activities of died airmen during WOII in Vaassen and suroundings.

National Comitee 4 and 5 may
The National Committee 4 and 5 May organizes and fills national moments on the 4th and 5th of May. The Committee also organizes activities to enlarge the involvement of remembrance and celebrate and to promote the connection and adjust the activities.

Municipality of Dronten
The Municipality of Dronten subsidizes the activities of the 4th of May Remembrance Foundation.

Foundation Ongeland
Objective of this Foundation is to provide and share information about the 2nd world war and to make the citizens of Flevoland aware of what happened during this period in the IJsselmeer area.

Starting page Dronten
On this page you will find information about clubs and organisations in the municipality of Dronten.

The foundation "Flevoland Erfgoed" (Flevoland Heritage) has much detailed information regarding the monument in Dronten on her (Dutch) website.