Poem and vlog of the City poet

City poet Marjolein Westendorp has written a poem on the occasion of the commemoration on May 4, 2022, fitting the way of commemoration in the municipality of Dronten. Marjolein writes:

I find it a great honor to be able to read a poem during the official commemoration on such an important day as May 4. As city poet, I wanted the poem to have a clear link with the municipality of Dronten. The unique thing about our 4th of May commemoration is that we can and may commemorate together with the remaining Airgunner. A gathering to which both he and we attach great value.
Unfortunately, just now the deterioration of freedom has become very topical. Something that many of us are concerned with daily and which makes us much more aware of the immeasurable value of the word: "Freedom".


Click here for the vlog and here for the poem.