Program for Commemoration Day 4th of May 2022

Stichting 4 mei Herdendenking Dronten has finished the program for the commemoration of the dead on 4 May 2022. After 2 years in which the commemoration was organized in an alternative way because of Corona, the foundation is looking forward to organize the commemoration as 'of old'. The public is welcome to attend the commemoration on the Meerpaalplein.

In this message we will inform you about the activities that will take place on and around May 4, 2022.

One Airgunner
The commemoration will be attended by one Airgunner. Ron Powers will stay in Dronten from May 2nd until May 6th together with his son Peter. May 3 is Ron's birthday and he will be 97 years old. Ron is very much looking forward to coming to Dronten.

Flypast Lancaster
A British Lancaster of the Royal Air Force Battle of Brittain Memorial Flight will fly over the Meerpaalplein in Dronten on May 4. The flypast is scheduled around 17.25 hours. Any changes in time will be announced on the facebook page of the 4th of May Remembrance Foundation in Dronten.

Memorial meeting
At 18.00 hrs the memorial service will start in the large hall of De Meerpaal. As well as invited guests, this gathering is open to anyone who wishes to attend.  Based on the year theme of the national committee 4 and 5 May 'Freedom in connectedness' this theme will be substantiated in a dignified and varied way. In addition to music, the adoption school 'Het Wilgerijs' will make a contribution and the Danslab from De Meerpaal will perform a dance. Peter Powers, son of Airgunner Ron Powers, will tell about his experiences with the many visits to Dronten in the period around May 4. Tineke Stuifzand will take those present through the program. The meeting will also be recorded and can be viewed later.

Ceremony at the Meerpaalplein
The ceremony will take place on the Meerpaalplein. A few minutes before 20.00 hours city poet Marjolein Westendorp will recite a poem. After the Last Post, the 2 minutes of silence and the national anthems, wreaths will be laid at the monument. Mayor Gebben concludes with a speech. On the square the Flevo-Scouts, the Flevo's Men's Choir, Maris Sonores and De Eendracht, among others, will participate. Omroep Flevoland will broadcast the commemoration.
Attention will be paid to the situation in the Ukraine in an appropriate manner. The Ukrainian flag will fly at half mast during the ceremony on the square.

After the ceremony on the square there will be time for those who wish to gather in De Meerpaal.

On Saturday 7 May, from 14.00 to 16.00, the tattoo will be held on the Meerpaalplein. Four bands will contribute to this event: ESKA from Bemmel, DVS juniors from Katwijk, KDO from Groessen and Oranje from IJsselmuiden. The bands are looking forward to (finally) coming to Dronten to show their shows.