Ron Powers passed away

On Tuesday afternoon, July 12th, Airgunner Ron Powers passed away at the age of 97. Since 1978 he came to Dronten to attend the remembrance ceremony on May 4th. Ron's son Peter shared this news on Facebook. He passed away peacefully and without pain.

'Life will never be the same again,' Peter Powers said during a speech at the memorial service last May. For those who have gone (and are going) through times of conflict, for those who have lived through wars, for those who came as Airgunners to Dronten to attend the commemoration, for those who were ready as host families to offer the Airgunners a home, for those who have been touched by the presence of the Airgunners at the remembrance service in Dronten on the 4th of May. For those who have met Ron, life will never be the same. As a foundation, we take him, and all those other Airgunners, with us in the activities we do.

It was special and nice that Ron could attend the commemoration in Dronten last May. Dronten was in his thoughts until the very end. It was Ron's wish to have part of his ashes scattered in Dronten. At a later date, we in Dronten will commemorate Ron's passing.

Our thoughts are with Ron's family, the De Groot family (the host family in Dronten), and all those to whom Ron meant a great deal.

Link to Peter Powers' speech (starts from minute 36).